Our Massage Therapists

Meet our exprienced & friendly staff specialzing in full body massage & body treatments

Suzanne, LMT:
Suzanne began her career in Mexico City in 1971 . she offered massage therapy treatment to terminal cancer patients. Now a cancer survivor herself. She went on to expand her studies and experience in such advanced modalities of Deep Tissue work,Thai Yoga massage, Ashiatsu, and Pregnancy massage. “My Ashiatsu massage is popular with athletes, because it offers a deeper penetrating massage into stronger and highly conditioned muscles. The results of an Ashiatus massage can take you to a deeper relaxation level and brilng stiff tired muscles back to a healthy condition.”
  • Selena, LMT – Selena holds many advanced certifications and has extensive training in Thai Massage, Table Thai, Ashiatsu, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage.  Combining intuitive touch with various techniques in order to personalize every Therapeutic Massage for each client’s individual needs. She creates a session that becomes a fluid dance to make every massage exactly what each person needs to bring change to both the body and the mind.”


  • Patty, LMT – Sue’s massage career began in 2003. Thanks to being her training in Thailand, she has had the opportunity to advance and became a massage instructor. Patty, has had advanced training in Thai Massage, Table Thai, Ashiatsu, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage to name a few.  Her massages are therapeutic as she incorporates many different modalities within each massage.


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