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A new haircut, especially accompanied by styling or color, is exciting and makes you look, and feel, fantastic. Did you know that changing how you treat your hair after an appointment is crucial to keeping up your new cut and the feeling that comes with it?

According to Allure, you should get your hair cut by a professional every six to 12 weeks. To get the most out of appointments with your hairstylist, you can follow simple procedures to keep your cut in top condition between visits. A few changes to your washing and styling regimen can keep your locks fresh and beautiful for weeks.

Hair Maintenance: What to do After Your Hairstylist Appointment

Follow these five simple steps in between appointments with your hairstylist to ensure perfect locks: 

  • Wash Less

According to Kaya Naturals, over-washing can dry out your ends and cause dry scalp issues. Try alternating hot rinses and light conditioning with shampooing. If your hair tends to get greasy, invest in some dry shampoo to use at night. Washing less actually coaches your oil glands into producing less oil over time, resulting in more even moisture throughout your hair and scalp.

  • Condition More

To keep ends from splitting or matting, condition every time you wash. Be sure to leave conditioner in for at least three minutes during each use. For longer hair, deep conditioning treatments and leave-in products are perfect for hair maintenance and will provide additional protection. For wavy or curly hair, combing a moisturizing product through your hair before rinsing and toweling off ensures that every strand gets the nutrients it needs.

  • Change Your Styling Regimen

One way to up your hair maintenance game is to try a new styling regimen. Ask your hairstylist questions about the best ways to go about brushing or combing, using products and heat styling or color treatments during your appointment. A new length, color or texture treatment can easily change your hair’s daily needs, so follow the instructions as closely as possible to avoid your hair reverting to the state it was before you saw your hairstylist. 

  • Avoid DIY Trimming

A good hairstylist will cut and style with grow-out in mind; giving your locks precise angles and lengths in specific places is part of their job and their expertise. Even if you’re initially less than satisfied with a new haircut’s results, wait at least two weeks to see how your haircut shapes up. Tampering with the work of a professional can leave you in a less than desirable position, making hair maintenance difficult.

Schedule Your Next Appointment

Book a new appointment time for touch-ups and alterations six to 12 weeks following your new haircut. For those who get their hair professionally colored, keeping a tight window on appointments is especially important. Prepare suggestions and questions for your hairstylist to answer during the visit as you might before a visit to the doctor. Regular hair consultations with a hairstylist keep split ends, outgrown roots, and awkward length stages at bay.

If you’re looking for an expert hairstylist to cut, color or style your locks and tresses, Sensia has a full staff of professionals trained to make you look and feel your best. Contact us at (713)627-0070 or visit our online booking page to make your appointment today!

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