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Relax in our comfortable lounge chair with back massager as we pamper your toes with Sensia's Spa Pedicure. The manicure is simply a "facial" for your hands. The modern girl knows that the ultimate accessory is a pretty manicure.

If you have classic taste, the Spa Manicure and Pedicure is for you. Girl on the Go? Shellac hybrid nail color with a durable finish is what you need. If you're a modern girl looking for the perfect red carpet finish, then minx nails are for you. Special attention is always given to sanitation in our relaxing and peaceful environment.


Spa Pedicure :

1 hour / $50.00
French pedicure / Express 30 minutes / $35.00
French pedicure / 1 hour / $55.00

Be pampered as royalty in our state of the art pedicure "throne". The most comfortable of lounge chairs with a built in back massager that you control. Relax with head phones or listen to the spa's environmental music as a whirlpool tub massages your tired legs and feet. Specialized spa products are used to soften and exfoliate skin. A pedicure is then performed, followed by thorough foot and leg massage to relieve tension and soothe tired muscles.

Upgrade your pedicure with a brightening vitamin C peel. Treats the feet and lower legs ($15).


Wellness Pedicure :

1 hour / $60.00

Where Medi Meets Pedi®
Wellness inspired pedicure transformational foot care, Footlogix. The first Pediceutical foot care.

Pharmaceutical-grade ingredients penetrate into the layers of epidermis. Visible results seen in mere days - from curing simple dryness to addressing more sever conditions resulting from diabetes and other medical conditions.

Derma Infusion Technology® leaves the foot hydrated and healthy. The products contain antifungal agent, kills odor-causing bacteria and provides moisturizing relief from itching, scaling and irritation of dry foot skin.


Spa Manicure :

30 minutes / $25.00
French manicure / 30 minutes / $30.00
Full set pink & white / $50.00

Beautiful shapes and spectacular colors. Special attention given to cuticles. Includes moisturizing hand massage. Hand-painted nail art available ($8-$25).

Upgrade your manicure with a brightening vitamin C peel ($10).

French Manicure Includes everything in our Spa manicure finished with the French polish technique. A special sealant is added for long-lasting wear.


Shellac™ :

Shellac™ manicure / $35.00
Shellac™ French manicure / $40.00
Shellac™ pedicure / $50.00

Revolutionary, hybrid nail color that won't chip or smudge for 14 days. Flawless, glossy nails are achieved by first applying a Shellac polish then, by setting nails with a special UV lamp.


Refills :

1 hour / $30.00
Pink & white refills / $40.00

Will add pink as the nail grows out and adjustments made to the white tip approximately every 2-3 weeks.


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