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Sensia's skin care products including Vibran C and Cosmedix antioxident peels. Vibran C skin care collection stimulates collagen renewal to strengthen skins elasticity. Benefits include a more even skin tone and the prevention of dark spots.

To purchase any of Sensia's Cosmetics products, please contact the salon at 713.627.0070.


Vibran CPrice Color 
Peel System$50.00 n/a 
CosmedixPrice Color 
Affirm - Antioxidant$79.00 n/a 
Benefit - Cleanser$35.00 n/a 
Benefit Balance - Toner$33.00 n/a 
Clarity - Serum$35.00 n/a 
Clear - Clarifying Mask$43.00 n/a 
Define - Vitamin A Resurfacing$75.00 n/a 
Defy - Exfoliator$67.00 n/a 
Emulsion - Intense Hydrator$71.00 n/a 
Eye Believe - Liquid Crystals$91.00 n/a 
Lightening - Serum$47.00 n/a 
Mystic - Mineral Mist$35.00 n/a 
Phyto Clear - Clarifying Moisturizer$57.00 n/a 
Phyto Harmony - Balancing Moisturizer$57.00 n/a 
Protect - Daily Moisture SPF 17$45.00 n/a 
Pure "C" - Mixing Crystals$51.00 n/a 
Pure Enzymes - Exfoliating Mask$49.00 n/a 
Purity - Cleanser$37.00 n/a 
Purity Balance - Toner$33.00 n/a 
Radiance - Age Management Serum$91.00 n/a 
Refine 4% - Refinishing$55.00 n/a 
Refine 8% - Refinishing$65.00 n/a 
Reflect - Natural Protection SPF 30$45.00 n/a 
Rescue - Balm & Mask$43.00 n/a 
Serious Sun Protection$43.00 n/a 
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